Oanh and Sop – Plimoth Plantation Wedding

The most posey bridal party is back! I had so much fun photographing this bridal party again (from Jovan and Felipe’s wedding last year)! Oanh and Sop’s big day started with getting ready at a beautiful AirBnB house in Plymouth where we had plenty of spaces for both the bride and groom to not see each other until their first look. It was such a nice day for the wedding; I remembered I was at the same location two weeks ago where it was windy, cool, and cloudy. I got Sop and his groomsmen to get ready at the backyard, it was great for photos with all those lush green trees surrounding the house. Oanh was finishing up with her hair and make-up and she looked gorgeous in her ivory-colored wedding gown, who said wedding gown has to be white? They had their first look right in front of the house witnessed by their bridal party 🙂 Afterward, we went straight to Plimoth Plantation where the ceremony and reception were held for some group photos. The bridal party was amazing to photograph; they were so much fun and posey! It was such a convenience and time saving to have everything in one place! The Justice of Peace was one of the bridesmaids and the whole ceremony was so touching that made people in tears! The reception was filled with laughter and of course dancing – Sop and his groomsmen were great dancers! Speaking of dancing, Sop’s cute little niece has a talent for dancing!!! She can put on a show by herself! Oanh and Sop both changed into their second outfit – traditional Vietnamese wedding gown and Cambodian gown for around the table photos and games. They both looked amazing, I love the bright red and golden colors! Their third outfit was white; Oanh looked like a Greek goddess in that white dress! We had such a fun night photographing this couple and their bridal party!


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