Nicole and NiMan – Blue Hill Country Club Ceremony and Chau Chow City Reception

Congratulations to Nicole and NiMan! NiMan was getting ready at the Quincy Marriott Hotel and when I knocked the door, he and his groomsmen just woke up haha! The guys are always quick though so I had a few photos of him before heading to Nicole’s home. Nicole and her bridesmaids were in traditional Vietnamese gowns as the first outfit, I love the blue in contrast to Nicole’s red Vietnamese wedding gown. The weather was very unpredictable that day; Nicole was constantly refreshing the weather forecast and had to make a decision on rather have the ceremony held outside or indoor. The weather looked promising as time progress so she decided outdoor! We headed to Blue Hill Country Club for the ceremony; Nicole changed into her beautiful wedding gown! Just minutes before the ceremony started, the clouds rolled in and sprinkled a little bit, NiMan made a bet that by the time Nicole walked down the aisle, the sun will come out. He was absolutely correct! The weather changed so fast! It was wonderful weather until after their vows and exchanging rings and it started to sprinkle again. The cocktail was moved indoor due to the weather but everyone still had a great time! For the photos with the bridal party, Nicole showed us a hidden beach with a gazebo behind the police station near JFK/Umass. I always enjoyed taking photos of the bridal party 🙂 After the photos, we headed to the reception at Chau Chow City where they were getting all the decorations set up. The reception started with the introduction of the parents and the bridal party followed by Nicole and NiMan’s first dance. Nicole made two more outfit changes: her Chinese wedding gown to go around the tables and her evening gown for dancing – all her outfits were so pretty!

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