Sammy and Sarah – a Boston Westin Hotel Wedding Ceremony

Sarah and Sammy’s traditional Chinese wedding started with challenges that the groom and his buddies must pass through in order to see the bride. The first challenge was answering questions to test how much Sammy remembers, he got mostly wrong of course LOL but we were impressed that he remembered the order of cuisines on their first four dates! Next was the applying lipsticks while being blindfolded, the guys did surprisingly well! Third was they were each given a “homemade” sauce and have to guess based on the smell and taste, blindfolded too. It was so much fun to see the guys putting their effort into the games. Sammy successfully passed the challenges and he went straight into Sarah’s room to see his lovely bride.  They did a simple tea ceremony with Sarah’s parents and then headed over to Sammy’s family for another tea ceremony. Afterward, we went to Boston Seaport for photos and they coordinated so well that one of their friends being the driver for the day. It was a beautiful day with the sea breeze! We wasted no time and stopped by the Yellow House for few snaps before heading to the ceremony at the Boston Westin Hotel in Copley Square. The ceremony ballroom offered great views of the Boston Public Library and the square but gosh the extremely bright sun lights made it hard for photographs. We had to be a little creative and fast reacting to the light differences, hope they like the outcome of the photos. It was a very romantic ceremony; Sarah was so nervous that she almost put the ring on the wrong side of Sammy’s hands (I did the same too when I was getting married so I totally understand the feeling)!!! We did family photos after the ceremony and then head out for more photos of Sarah and Sammy at the Public Garden. It was super crowded so we decided to walk over to Beacon Hill area instead. Sarah’s wedding gown was so pretty that it needs a few extra photos, especially of the back 😉 They timed it perfectly and the last stop was the reception at Hei La Moon Restaurant. The reception started with a touching first dance that Sarah was in tears, I felt very happy for them! Their family and friends were not quite the dancers but they were singers; the night filled with blessings through songs that their friends and family sing to them!

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