Becky and Andrew’s Winter Wedding

When I thought my wedding season is over for the year, Becky contacted me. I had doubt at first because I’ll be going on my long year-end vacation just days after her wedding and I don’t want to rush her photos nor have her to wait until I come back after the new year. She said her wedding will be very simple and not a full day event. Days before the wedding, we talked about where to have some quick photos just with her and her then fiance, Andre. And what if the weather turned out to be bad since it was New England winter. Fortunately, the weather turned out wasn’t too bad except for the wind. We met at the Boston Public Gardens where I loved without the crowds, unlike the summer or fall time, and then headed to Caffè Nero in downtown. I’ve been to the Caffè Nero at the seaport area but never been to the downtown one. The decors were the same theme – old Italian cafe but totally different. We were shocked on how crowded it was in there but luckily we managed to sneak in a corner upstairs for some photos. Afterward, we walked back to Chinatown so Becky can set up for her reception at East Ocean City. The decorations were all DIY, I like their wine bottles idea! The night went on quickly with lion dance and a lot of drinkings haha!


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