Hanh and Steve – Primavera Ristorante Wedding

Congratulations to Hanh and Steve! We stopped by their house for photos of Steve and his groomsmen getting ready, when we arrived, Steve was almost fully dressed wow! We got some quick photos of the guys and they were not photo shy at all. Next, we headed to Doubletree at Milford for photos of Hanh and her bridesmaids getting ready. I loved their robes! Steve was very on time and we found a great hallway  spot under the beautiful chandelier for their first look, which was super sweet. Hanh (being super organized) arranged a trolley bus to transport us for the bridal party photos at a gazebo and on the way to Bird Park in Walpole, we stopped at another stoned style gazebo…so many gazebos on the way. At Bird Park, there were some foliage around, yay for photos! I really like the park, it was very quiet and have many pretty backdrops. It was extremely windy and chilly so the ladies were very brave! After the group photos, we got back to the hotel and drove to the ceremony and reception venue – The Primavera Ristorante in Millis. The night started with a lovely ceremony and then nonstop joy and dances.

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