Winter Holiday Lights Engagement – Jovan and Felipe

This year, I had photographed many couples who have been sweethearts since high school or earlier (that’s over 10+ years) and it was such a pleasure to photograph them. Jovan and Felipe is another pair of couple who have been dated over 10+ years and they are finally tying the knot next May! Felipe is such a busy guy, Jovan have been trying to schedule a Saturday for their engagement photo shoot since October; her initial thoughts was having a foliage engagement session. We waited and waited till December so instead of foliage, it is now winter holiday. It turned out to be just as awesome! We started at Castle Island then to Boston Public Gardens to the holiday lights at Commonwealth Ave Mall and lastly one of my favorite night photography spots – Paul Revere Park with the Zakim Bridge. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next year!















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