Nicole and NiMan Boston Winter Engagement

It was the first time that we had no trouble finding parking around the perimeter of the Boston Public Garden! With a below average snowfall winter, Nicole and NiMan picked the right day for a winter engagement – the day of a snowstorm! The morning wasn’t too bad and we hoped for fluffy snow but it turned into a wintery mix which was a lot more difficult to keep my lens from getting water drops. Braving the cold and wet snow, Nicole and NiMan were great to work with; snap few shots as fast as I could and we headed indoor. We went to a cute coffee shop over at the seaport area; we were surprised there were quite a lot of people in the cafe given the weather. We discovered on the back of the coffee shop was a nice bar area where no other guests were there. We asked for permission and the staff let us use the space, so nice of them! We had a lot of wonderful backdrops and fun!



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