Lisa and Kirkland – The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel Wedding

Congratulations to Lisa & Kirkland, it was a beautiful wedding at the historic landmark in Boston – The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel! Lisa was Jenny’s maid of honor two weeks ago and of course Jenny was Lisa’s maid of honor! That said, I had spent three days with the two lovely brides and bridesmaids, they were awesome to photograph! They have been friends since elementary school, very cherishing friendship. It was over 90 degrees out, luckily, we stayed inside the hotel most of the time which have so many areas as backdrops! Lisa was gorgeous in her mermaid wedding gown; she had no trouble walking around with it! I really appreciated that she has given us plenty of time to photograph inside this beautiful property – the spectacular staircase, antique style elevator, absolutely grand chandeliers and ballrooms. Then, we quickly went out with the bridal party in 90+ degrees heat for some photos right next door at Trinity Church.  Their pinkish purpleish bridesmaid dresses blended in very nicely with the orange/brownish glow of the church facade. Such a fun bridal party to photograph! We literally ran back inside the hotel for AC; enough of the heat! Lisa changed in her red gown for the Chinese tea ceremony, what a classic beauty! Both the Chinese tea ceremony followed by the walking down the aisle ceremony were very touching! The party was nonstop dancing; they even threw out glowing necklaces, it was like in a concert such a great idea! We had so much fun, can’t wait for the next bridesmaid’s wedding, hopefully in the near future 🙂

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