Jennifer and Kenny – Lake Pearl Wedding

Jennifer is a perfectionist, I lost track how many times her wedding day itinerary has been updated but to ensure she didn’t left out something in her big day! The girls woke up at 3 am to start their hair and makeup woah so they can be all ready by the “lucky time” the guys come over to pick them up. Of course the guys weren’t let in as easy, they had to went through few challenges 😉 After completing the challenges and giving out lucky money, Kenny finally picked up his bride. The trolley picked us up and was the transportation for the day, it made it so much easier than to wait for parking. After the tea ceremony at the bride’s house, we headed to Quincy for the tea ceremony at the groom’s house. Afterwards, we were off to Lake Pearl in Wrentham where they had their beautiful ceremony right on the beach next to the lake. The group photos were seamlessly organized one family after another; we squeezed in a lot in such a short time! At last, it was the bridal parties’ time for group photos which I enjoyed the most in a wedding day! The guys were screaming they were hungry LOL so we did photos quickly and they ran for some food before the reception begins at Empire Garden in Chinatown. It was a long day so kudos for the ladies!

Ceremony: Lake Pearl, Wrentham

Reception: Empire Garden, Boston Chinatown

Dress: Casablanca

Makeup: Lisa Chy and Phi Phi

Hair: Tammy Tan

DJ: Ada Lam

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