Anne & Raymond: Cold and Colorful Spring Prewedding

The day before was in the 80’s and it dropped to low 40’s; an hour before was sunny with blue sky and it turned windy and stormy! Anne wanted a spring engagement and we all thought end of May should be plenty of sunshine days but unfortunately……however, Ray had the best luck ever with finding parking spaces where ever we went! We started in Quincy Marina Bay with their beautiful dog – Coby and dropped him off the house before we made our way out to the Boston Public Garden. The tulips were almost gone, thanks to the pouring rain we had the previous week, but we managed to find a spot with the last few left! The colors were amazing! The sun then managed to broke out from the clouds for few minutes for us to get some “sunny spring” photos! Afterwards, we walked over to now one of my favorite photo spot – Acorn St – aka cobblestone street. Anne’s spring dress was perfect for both the garden and the cobblestone! Lastly, we went to Fan Pier, it was so cold and wind that we blasted the heat in the car and waited till almost the blue hour to run out for a few night photos. After Anne saw one of the night photos, she agreed it was definitely worth the cold 🙂

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