Spring Engagement with Cece and Tim

Cece and Tim lives in western Mass so they drove 3 hours ONE way to meet us at Arnold Arboretum, that’s a total of 6 hours of driving for their engagement shoot! The day before the session, I asked if she wanted to reschedule since the forecast said completely cloudy but at least no rain. That morning, it was cloudy and when I left my house, it was raining urg! However after the 15 min drive, the sun broke out of the clouds, how lucky! The cherry blossoms were peaked the week before when we there to scout out the location, can you believe it, we never ever stepped into the arboretum. I found out that Cece used to work around that area and was also never visited the arboretum so it was our first time.  Since it’ll take them another 3 hours to get home, we only did one location but we easily spent more than 2 hours taking photos in the arboretum, within short walks, there were plenty of different backdrops! The temperature was very comfortable, the green grass, the blue sky, and the colorful flower blossoms – it was a perfect spring day! Can’t wait for their wedding in July!

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