Rose and Cong – Traditional Cambodian and Vietnamese Wedding

Traditional Cambodian and Vietnamese weddings are colorful with absolutely gorgeous traditional Cambodian gowns! Rose and Cong’s wedding day started with getting ready at Rose’s parents home; the dress was actually a wrap that required skills to fold nicely together and the amount of accessories were mesmerizing! Rose and her bridesmaids looked stunning! The groom and his family came to pick up the bride followed by a traditional and touching Vietnamese ceremony. Even though I couldn’t understand Vietnamese nor Cambodian, I could tell how happy their families and relatives were by their facial expressions! Then, we headed to Sacred Hearts Parish in East Boston. After the lovely ceremony, we had half an hour to spare so we went to the nearby Piers Park for few group pics before going to Empire Garden in Chinatown, Boston where their reception was held. The reception had over 50+ tables meaning 500+ guests! Rose and Cong were very busy changing outfits and went around 50+ tables to greet and thank their guests. It was a wonderful night and I am sure it was their most memorable night. Happy wedding Rose and Cong!








  • Church: Sacred Hearts Parish, East Boston
  • Park: Piers Park, East Boston
  • Reception: Empire Garden, Boston, MA

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