Graduation and Family Portrait at Harvard Square

Harvard Square has a very special meaning to this lovely family that I had a chance to met and photographed. I was contacted by Theo months ago about his son’s graduation at Harvard and wanted to have a family photo session; it’s also he and his wife’s 25th wedding anniversary on the same week! The family are from California but they have lived in Boston for five years and their two sons were born in Boston! We first started with a short walk photoshooting Theo and Deb. They stopped at J.P. Licks and told me that when Deb was pregnant, she was craving for ice cream and they had a lot at J.P. Licks. It was cloudy that day and hot but luckily with some wind breeze and not humid. Afterward, we walked around Harvard campus for more photos. I had a great time photoshooting the family and they are extremely nice to work with. I hope they had a great time being models too!


















Location: Harvard Square and Harvard Campus

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