Family Night Portrait at Boston

Chris and Amy saw the night wedding portraits at Boston and contacted me to have their family portraits taken at Boston at night. They drove all the way from New Hampshire to have their pictures taken with the beautiful night scene of Boston! Their daughter, who is a senior, also wanted to have her senior portraits taken. Her best friend since childhood came as well and we had the best friend photos as well as one big family photos all done in one night. We started at the Fan Pier, walked to the Old Northern Ave Bridge, to the Greenway Carousel, and then the Rings Fountain. We had a blast! The good thing about October is that nights start earlier – sunset before 6 pm – so by the time we are done, it’s perfect timing for a yummy hot dinner to warm up. The family even invited us out for dinner – we guided them to Chinatown for an authentic Chinese meal 🙂















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