Children’s portrait at Boston Common Public Garden

Spring has arrived and the tulips were full bloom at the Boston Common and Public Garden! It was this cute pretty girl’s first time at the garden for her first portrait shoot. At first, she was uncomfortable with the camera so I had to use my 70-200 mm lens and took her first shots far away so she wouldn’t notice my camera. She just learned how to walk so she could barely stand up by herself but she refused to sit on the grass LOL! I quickly captured few shots and combined together to show that, when we looked at the shots, we all laughed!

It took a while for her to finally like my camera and smile. After that, she was one unstoppable model 🙂 We went around different places at the garden to capture different backgrounds and colors. She had so much fun and so as us! At the end, we went back indoor and she had fun playing with oranges!

Location: Boston Common, Public Garden

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